Thursday, December 11, 2014

Creative Drought

It's been a wretched several months. Various issues cropped up in my life, and those things spelled stress and a general creative drought that's lead to me staring at Sherlock Hemlock with distaste and loathing.

Here we are in December. Once again, my daughter is expecting "Santa" (who she knows very well is me) to come through with all that she wants in the world. Of course she doesn't want any of the Sesame Street bands I already have cut out and ready to sew, that she asked for last year! She wants Colambo and Ovejita, characters who will require new pieces drafted, and a nickel-sized fedora made for Colambo! [That dull thumping sound is me, pounding my head on the wall.] So why is Sherlock the focus of my loathing? He is going to be my basic model as I draft the pattern pieces I need for Colambo's trenchcoat. I have to get the pieces drafted, and get him back in The Kid's room before she gets home from school and realizes I've been messing with her stuff. Good grief, I hate Christmas...

With that same breath, I want to make sepia-toned ornaments for a wall tree. Making ornaments is my favorite part of the holiday, now; small works of art that don't take a lot of time (usually). And now I don't even have time for that. Perhaps after the madness of this holiday, I can do something for next year.

I'm also dying to get back to my hatmaking. I found some more great thrifted fabric that I can't wait to start working with, and I want to sew another skirt soon, but I need to take in my others before I sew new ones. (Hats are nice, hardly ever have to worry about the size of your hatband changing.)

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