Saturday, January 24, 2009

From the 7th

Nothing edited but the crop. I played with levels and saturation, but decided I liked this better. Desaturation is kinda nice, too, though...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Xmas Fabric

Here are all the fabrics for the star-shaped vintage tree skirt I have planned:

I'm considering appliquéing the Santas onto the green - or it may be too much (trouble, time, pattern).

And this is the candle fabric I couldn't resist, but don't have plans for. It's the least red of all the red fabrics, having a pink cast to it.

The pattern calls for sewing gold rick rack onto the tree skirt, and I'm considering that, too. Vintage pattern, vintage-inspired fabrics, vintage-style embellishment... all to go under my vintage aluminum tree! Stockings will also be made from four of the five reds under the tree, accented with the solid green, with cuffs.

Currently, the only fly in my eggnog is the fact that the pinup skater material has a much larger pattern than the others. I think it will be fine, but I wish that design was a little more on scale with the others. Nothing's perfect, right?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Tree Skirt

Decorating for the Yule holiday used to be something I relished. The last few years has brought out the Grinch in me, and I haven't done as much. That said, I have a small tree, actually purchased when I was in college (Mom didn't think my dorm room should be tree-free), and is only 3 feet tall. I've been using holiday napkins tucked around the base as a tree skirt, but they're a deep green and red plaid, and the tree is "Victorian" in theme with pink and mauve ribbons, pearl garland, maroon flowers, and ornaments I only use on this tree. So... because I'm insane (haven't I mentioned that??) I decided to crochet a tree skirt for it.

Here's the beginning of the round I'm making. It's just a shell stitch (the only one I've mastered, frankly), using, left to right, Moda-Dea Dream "Leaf," Patons Brilliant "Crystal Cream" and Dream "Raspberry."

The raspberry-colored yarn isn't nearly as red as it appears in these photos, raspberry is definitely the way I would describe the color, and the green is a soft sage. The cream yarn is sparkling with gold strands. I plan to weave a strand of tiny pearls (think bridal aisle) into the completed tree skirt, at the outside edge. I should be able to finish this WIP in a day or two. Don't you love quickies? :D

The lump in the top of the ring is a goof I had to fix. Somehow, my shells got twisted as I made my way around. Oops. Fortunately, it will be right at the base of the tree, and invisible. Also fortunate, the Dream yarn is pretty lightweight, so the bulk isn't anything like what it would have been if I was using worsted weight. I COULD have undone it and started over, but I didn't see the need, considering where the mistake is.

Hawaiian Quilt... Wallhanging...Something...

Because Mom insists I never showed her these fabrics (1/3 yard each, I measured), here they are:
I also purchased the below material, with enough to make myself, husband and daughter all something matching. (Yes, I know, too cute for words... whatever.)

Update on the resolution thing: I have taken at least one photo a day... except yesterday (6th). I left the house for lunch and for a dental appointment, and there was nothing that I saw photo-worthy out, or in the house that I haven't already photographed. (sigh) Bad me. But I made up for it today. When I get them sorted through, I'll choose the best Daily and post them (backdating the posts).

I've made significant headway in keywording, at least superficially. There's still work to do, but it's nothing like what I had been avoiding facing... plus, now that I know how to catalog in Lightroom without duplication, I have lots more room on my harddrive.

Monday, January 5, 2009


When my husband and I went to Maui on a windfall dream of a vacation 18 months ago (not like I'm counting or anything!), I had to bring home some Hawaiian print fabric. I got a small amount of 9 different prints and colors (red, orange, yellow, light green, green, aqua, blue, purple and pink)... with the vague idea of making a wall-hanging/quilt sort of thing. Needless to say, I have still not done anything with it, nor do I have a clear picture in mind for what I want from this fabric. (I believe I got a quarter yard of each of those 9.)

I want something that will highlight the pattern and the color of the material, not the pattern of the quilt. I also want to put the colors against solid black, to make the colors jump off the wall. Here's a couple ideas I'm currently playing with ("pieced" in Photoshop): 

I'm not married to either one of these. :( I suppose I could go even simpler with this:

...or I could start from scratch, ditch the black and go with something utterly different, and cover artists canvases with the fabric and call it done. *sigh* I suppose now I should mention that I am also a novice sewer, and that some of the amazing art quilts I've seen are utterly beyond my skill level, part of the need for a simple and large-block quilt.