Thursday, April 20, 2017

Overwhelmed by Projects

There are days that I think it might be cool to have Calvin's Duplicator. Then I remember how well that turned out, and rethink things. But I do worry that the only way I'll ever get all my stuff done is through duplicates, or clones, and if you've ever picked up a comic book in your life, you know that clones are bad news. (And are a very tired trope used for lagging sales, and the buying public is largely sick of them. But I digress...)

I managed to get a lot of my projects organized in a previous fit of decluttering. But since I can't stop my brain from thinking of new things to do, I acquire the stuff to make more. (So no more of that for a while, because it's really out of hand.)

I was advised to make a calendar, a planner, and use that to schedule time to work on things and then hold myself accountable for that time. If Life happens on Wednesday and I can't work on X, then I have to reschedule that hour of time (or two, whatever) somewhere else, until the thing is completed. Thus working my way through the huge number of accumulated materials and ideas, so that I can start all over again... but hopefully with a healthier system in place for dealing with them.

I tried looking on Amazon (after looking at Office Depot) for an undated planner, and didn't find anything suitable. Everything was not quite right, and there were so many choices for "not quite right"! I was as overwhelmed by the options for organizing my projects as I was by the projects themselves!

My husband suggested using an app (duh, why didn't I think of that?) and Trello was one of the first things that came up as a top-rated organizational tool, and it was one I already had downloaded. Unfortunately, I don't find it to be that intuitive. Maybe it's me? Which is why I had forgotten I'd downloaded it in the first place, and never really used it. On the other hand, having something I could snap pics with, and save those pics to the app easily (as opposed to printing out photos and fixing them to a paper organizer) seems so much smarter, and less likely to get shuffled into a pile and lost. So I either need to better acquaint myself with Trello, or find something I like better. Soon.