Monday, January 14, 2013

You've Got Mail!

A friend of mine needed a bit of a pick-me-up, and after I posted an Evil Dead diorama hat on Facebook, she "commissioned" one for Green Eggs and Ham (she's a teacher). I didn't think for a second that she was serious, but I chose to act otherwise, and so I made her a Green Eggs and Ham Hat.

The hat is fleece, with the decorative elements made with felt and accented with buttons. The hat is orange because the book is.

I also sent a Happy Hat, with the instructions that she was not allowed to be unhappy when she wears it.

Also made with fleece, with felt points for the sun rays. Both hats are made from the McCalls pattern I've been using a lot lately.

After a weekend of biting my nails when it was supposed to be delivered on Saturday, it finally arrived today, so I can post this now and not spoil the surprise. I am happy to say that my recipient enjoyed her surprise hats. However, now that she's on to me, I might need to find another victim for my idée fixe de chapeaux.


Sharon said...

So glad she finally got them! I've been waiting with you to see her reaction. Hope she enjoys them!!

Wendy said...

I was told that she planned to wear the sun for Crazy Hat Day, and Green Eggs & Ham for Dr. Seuss Day (March 1st). Couldn't ask for more. :D