Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hawaiian Quilt... Wallhanging...Something...

Because Mom insists I never showed her these fabrics (1/3 yard each, I measured), here they are:
I also purchased the below material, with enough to make myself, husband and daughter all something matching. (Yes, I know, too cute for words... whatever.)

Update on the resolution thing: I have taken at least one photo a day... except yesterday (6th). I left the house for lunch and for a dental appointment, and there was nothing that I saw photo-worthy out, or in the house that I haven't already photographed. (sigh) Bad me. But I made up for it today. When I get them sorted through, I'll choose the best Daily and post them (backdating the posts).

I've made significant headway in keywording, at least superficially. There's still work to do, but it's nothing like what I had been avoiding facing... plus, now that I know how to catalog in Lightroom without duplication, I have lots more room on my harddrive.

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