Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mokume Gane with Polymer Clay

I love polymer clay. I am terribly jealous of people who have sculpting skill, like my friend Melinda who works in ceramic. The wonderful thing about mokume gane is that I don't have to sculpt anything! It's a fabulous technique that involves color and texture (two of my favorite things), and it's amazingly beautiful and even a little goof-proof.

I was playing a bit with the technique last night. I really want a pasta roller so I can get more serious about poly clay, but I don't know that I need one more thing taking up space... Anyway, a pasta roller would have made my life a lot easier, but I managed without it, so I guess I don't need one. I only did 1 3-color layer, but the results are pretty cool. Since I feel so crummy, I'll probably do more today. (Need to get an oven thermometer!) 

I'll post the results when I get them baked and finished.


KeRobinson said...

Oh, you will LOVE having a pasta roller once U use one! If you get real serious, spring for the motorized one. My hand get soooo tired & cramped rolling all that clay!
Can't wait to see the mokumé gané!

Wendy said...

There are *motorized* pasta rollers?! Good grief...

At the moment, I want more than anything to become proficient at this one technique. I learned a lot from these trial runs, and I suppose as long as I am learning, I got something, even if my results aren't pretty.

I'm looking forward to trying the Skinner blending, too. I have such ideas!!!