Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion Statement

I am not the girliest girl around, and I haven't been fond of pink since I was 10... but sometimes, exceptions must be made. I've been lusting after some superheroine cotton fabric for ages, and today I finally broke down and bought some, because I also found what I think will be the perfect skirt pattern for it.

I bought this from eQuilter, but it's also available from Indygo Junction.
With a little luck, this will be as easy as it looks, and I will have a fabbo "Girl Power" skirt for my efforts. Here's the fabric I bought, by Camelot Cottons (featuring DC heroines Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl):

The scale of the top right pattern is considerably larger than the other three, if you note the ruler.
It's a lot of pink, particularly for me, but that's kind of the point. It IS pink, it IS girl-centric, and when you claim it and own it, it's powerful. Or maybe I'll look utterly ridiculous and be too embarrassed to leave the house... There are more coordinating fabrics in the "Girl Power" set, but that would have made for a far pricier skirt that I was willing to stomach. I would also love-love-love to have Castle Corsetry make a matching corset or waist cincher, but corsets (being a work-intensive thing to craft) aren't cheap. Don't get me wrong - I don't begrudge her a dime! - but that's a chunk of change for something I won't be able to wear often. (But what the hell, I sent her an email asking about it. I can either swing the cost or I can't, doesn't hurt to ask.) Perhaps I will find another way to complete this very pink outfit...

UPDATE: I contacted Castle Corsetry, and she told me that I could put half down and pay the balance on completion, which makes it easier, financially. Of course, I still need to come up with the first half...

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