Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Closet Woes, Continued

I got the memo board put up. I used clear pushpins and glued rhinestone stickers (I didn't want to trust the adhesive) with E-6000 glue to the tops so they were more decorative and had a larger head to keep things from slipping off. I did way more pushpins than I needed -- it's a small memo board, after all, but I figured I might as well.

The original memo board had 4 hooks (though one was missing) and I couldn't find the exact right kind of hook to match, or even ones that were the right size at the hardware store. I did find what I thought would work at D. Lawless Hardware, and they worked great! I even added 5 more hooks, staggering them in a row above the original 4 to accommodate 9 necklaces.

I did hit a bit of a snag, though. Many of my necklaces are on longish chains, so there's not as much room at the bottom for bracelets as I'd hoped. I also discovered that my jewelry boxes contain a number of broken chains, one's I'd kept with the thought I'd repair them one day. (If I haven't by now, it seems unlikely I will.) So perhaps I'll replace them with shorter ones...

The other issue with the length is that the ones hanging below take up considerably more room than I'd budgeted for, for the shelves I want to put in below. I may go ahead and put in the shelves as planned, and put the longer necklaces elsewhere; I have a lot of organizing to do! But this was a good start, and I'm pleased with the results.

The coloring of the memo board (purple, pink and yellow-green) matches the colors in the bedroom. When you open the closet doors, when I'm all finished with my closet reno, it will look like a part of the room and not just something that go thrown up on the wall randomly.

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Sharon said...

Nice job! It looks great.