Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stressing About the To-Do List

Holy crap. I have a lot to do for this thing. I want to do a slideshow of the images I used to make the kaleidoscopes... but that means I have to find them (I didn't flag them or anything, I just thought - hey, I bet that would work well!). I need to do some of the pendants. I need to assemble the cards and the prints once everything arrives. I need to calculate the cost of the bigger prints. I need to come up with an inventory system so I can track what sells so I know which prints to order. I need to have a mailing list (maybe?!) for customers. I need to make sure I have a pen and paper so I can note any comments people make - good and bad. I need to find the copies of my book so I can haul those too. Make business cards. Come up with some ways to attract people to my booth without being obnoxious about it (no giant inflatables, no blaring music).

But what I need to do more than anything is Chill. The. Hell. Out.




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