Monday, January 5, 2009


When my husband and I went to Maui on a windfall dream of a vacation 18 months ago (not like I'm counting or anything!), I had to bring home some Hawaiian print fabric. I got a small amount of 9 different prints and colors (red, orange, yellow, light green, green, aqua, blue, purple and pink)... with the vague idea of making a wall-hanging/quilt sort of thing. Needless to say, I have still not done anything with it, nor do I have a clear picture in mind for what I want from this fabric. (I believe I got a quarter yard of each of those 9.)

I want something that will highlight the pattern and the color of the material, not the pattern of the quilt. I also want to put the colors against solid black, to make the colors jump off the wall. Here's a couple ideas I'm currently playing with ("pieced" in Photoshop): 

I'm not married to either one of these. :( I suppose I could go even simpler with this:

...or I could start from scratch, ditch the black and go with something utterly different, and cover artists canvases with the fabric and call it done. *sigh* I suppose now I should mention that I am also a novice sewer, and that some of the amazing art quilts I've seen are utterly beyond my skill level, part of the need for a simple and large-block quilt.

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