Friday, December 19, 2008

Pre-Xmas Ice

We got some ice and sleet and freezing rain early this morning. After I cut some branches that were threatening power lines to the house, I took my camera out.

The yew outside the front door is really heavy with ice. The temp is warming up a little, so I hope some of it melts off. It's not wanting to break off, and I'd hate for it to be damaged.

My flower garden is rather pretty, even though the blooms are gone. Here's the yarrow, ice-covered:

The hyssop really grew this year, and it looks lovely with an ice glaze:

Barberries are always dramatic, but the ice is especially nice. (So long as it doesn't get any thicker!)

I saw this maple leaf stuck in the branches of one of the shrubs, and upon looking closer, saw that the leaf was actually speared by one of the thorns:

This is Ivan, my Russian Elm. I used flash on this one, because the ice was hardly visible at the distance I was shooting. You can see how grey the sky is. Those clouds are supposed to start dropping around 8 inches of snow any time now.

I love the way the ice looks, and I am grateful none of my immediate family has to go anywhere today. My husband's work declared a "snow day." The school called off. And I work from home. *sigh* Safe and snug, all of us, out of the weather.

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