Friday, September 12, 2008

Wonderful Etsy Find

I was looking for beads for my still-in-my-head Hallowe'en necklace and searching Etsy when I ran across this seller: PoetSummer. (She's a busy gal; she also blogs, and maintains a website with her stuff beyond the stuff at Etsy.) She's either a Halloweenie* like me, or is just stocking her store for the season. Either way, I am in LOVE with her stuff! What a fantastic jumble of stuff crammed onto those charm bracelets! I probably don't need one, strictly speaking, but how can I resist? But decisions, decisions... I have my eye on a couple, and I fear I will need to act fast. 

Seriously, check out her stuff - from cemetery angels to steam punk to Bettie Page! 

*What my darling husband calls me. Isn't he sweet? *rolling eyes*

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