Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Year in Hats

I started making hats at the end of December. Then in January, this happened:
I had a crazy thought this morning, before the caffeine hit my bloodstream: Wouldn't it be awesome to make a hat a day? Then I realized how insane that would be; 365 hats?! Even if I gave a bunch away, what it the hell would I do with them all? OK, hat a week, then, my idiot brain says. No -- 52 hats is still unmanageable. Fine, how about one a month? Fine. Fine. OK! (Ahem... everyone has conversations with themselves, right..?)
This post is the chronicle of hats, with new and improved photos (for most of them) and links to the posts and/or tutorials where applicable.

The Prequel (Dec. '12)

Month One (Jan. '13)

Month Two (Feb. '13)

Month Three (Mar. '13)
  • (Not So) Quickie Beret (reversible)
  • March's Hat: Flowers (beret)
  • refinished old berets 
  • Recycled Sweater Beret (painful lesson learned: some hats look like dog toys to a dog)
  • Ombre Sweater Hat (beret, sort of)
  • DC pieced beret 
  • Wonder Woman berets (2)
  • oval "fur" pillbox (not satisfied with this one, and will be reworking it)
  • craft felt mini top hat (using a very modified version of this pattern)
  • recycled knit shirt berets (4)
  • felted wool sweater beret (unfinished)
  • dragon hat (pattern from Fleece Fun) -- sadly, I don't seem to have a photo of this, and I gave it away

Month Four (Apr. '13)

[cue crickets chirping]

Month Nine (Sept. '13)

Month Ten (Oct. '13) 

Thirteen months later, the number of hats made ended up being... 34! (I'm not counting the modifications I made to the berets already had. Those were made for me by my mother years ago, and really all I did was add a band to them.) I'm disappointed with myself that I was unable to do a "theme" hat every month, but so many things conspired against me, including my own inability to focus on anything for too long. Still, 34 hats over 13 months is pretty impressive...

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