Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finished Art Quilt

There. It's finished -- tagged, priced, and in the gallery. Hopefully someone will think it's awesome and buy it.

I had a great deal of fun with this, even as I sweated the details. I want to do more. But I also have this burning desire to make art dolls, using the same sort of elements, including my own Shattered Photos. The tiny little doll in the lower right corner of this one was so much fun. And she was so simple: I just freehanded the outline of the body (almost a peapod shape) and stuffed her. The face is recycled paper, pulped and molded, painted with nail polish, with burlap hair. Twig arms, and a tree painted on her torso with craft paints.

The dolls I want to make are inspired by one I bought in Canada. I don't want to replicate that artist's work, but jump off with my own ideas from hers. I don't want someone to look at my doll and see her work, I want them to see mine. More specifically, I want them to see the kaleidoscopic patterns of my altered photos and how they blend seamlessly into another medium. Or that's the plan anyway.

The art quilt was fun, and I already have ideas in my head for the next ones - and the base chosen with specific photos in mind. But it's a flat deal, really, 3-D elements notwithstanding. The dolls are going to have round bases so they'll stand on their own without support (thinking about weighting the bottoms with little sandbags), and round bases means that the front and back pieces must go all the way around -- less "play," more math. (C = π x d) So... on a 4-inch diameter base, the bottom edges of the front and back pieces need to be about 6.5 inches across (with the seam allowance) to make the needed circumference of 12.6 inches, and then however tall she will be. I've dug through my scrap stash for material I can use for my first experiment. I think I'll make the first one to give to my daughter, using images of her own face and hair in place of the molded paper. I think she'll get a kick out of that.

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