Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anniversary Slips Past Unnoticed

Ooops! October was my anniversary with art cards. I meant to do something, but with all the election nonsense, and things going on here, it completely slipped my mind. I meant at the very least to post something in the forums; I suppose I still can...

This is the very first ATC I made, using layers of paper cut with decorative-edged scissors, a silver opaque ink pad, and glitter paint. It was actually a series of 6, and three of them went into my first swap. I called it "La Lune et la Mer." 

I've gotten quite a bit of pleasure from making and trading art cards. It's really fun to receive art from all over the world. Haven't tried it? Check it out at: ATCsForAll.com! We're a fun bunch of people!

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