Monday, September 22, 2008

Mom: Don't read until after your b'day!

I'm serious, Mom.

Do Not Peek.

I will kick your butt if you read this before your birthday.


OK, then. If she peeks now and spoils the surprise it's her own fault.

I made Mom a really unique (REALLY unique) charm bracelet of sorts for her birthday... or I should say, I made the charms. The assembly will have to wait for this weekend, because I don't know how big she wants the bracelet, and I can't exactly ask, right? I tried Diamond Glaze for the first time, since the Glossy Accents clouded up when I handled it.

I printed, much reduced, some of my favorite (goofy) pictures of my daughter. Since Diamond Glaze is water-based, I first sprayed the photos with a matte sealant. I cut them into teeny rectangles to fit the frames, used a bit of Tacky Glue to hold them in place, and sealed them in with the Diamond Glaze. (Those bubbles are a pain! Neither a toothpick nor an old paintbrush were able to eliminate all of them. I think I'll store the bottle upside down from now on.) I'll connect it all together with clear elastic and bead spacers once I know what length Mom wants.

The picture is of the charms before the DG has completely set, hence the milkiness of the finish. The charms are from Darice, and have two holes for either vertical or horizontal orientation.

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