Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great Source for Mats, Supplies

I'm trying to get Shattered Photos started, and I hunted around online for the best prices for mat boards and bags. I found and their Showpaks - the showpaks include the mat, backing board and a poly bag (adhesive on the bag not the flap) - exactly what I was looking for! There was just no way I'd set up with matted photos in a display and not have them bagged.

The order was placed and I was surprised how quickly I received the order. They also discount the more you order, but I haven't been able to take advantage of that yet, since I'm just getting things off the ground. So far, I am more than pleased, and hope that I will be able to give them lots more business as I get things going with my photos. I'd love to be one of their best customers!

One thing I am just about to have ready to go are very limited editions, available only through Etsy, with part of the proceeds going to autism charities. With an autistic daughter, the idea of putting my work to use for charity is intriguing and definitely worth pursuing. I'm excited about this!

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