Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks where deserved

Here's the very first ATC I made from handmade paper "blanks" I created. It's very simple, with a silk flower, rhinestone and some metallic pen stating "Thanks." 

The lady at Hobby Lobby who was so helpful with ideas asked me to send one finished piece to the store so she could see. I did one better: I had to be out that way Thursday anyway, for my belly dance class, so I popped in to give it to her in person. She was pleased and surprised I'd take the time, and even more surprised when what I brought wasn't merely a small piece of handmade paper, but an actual ATC made just for her. 

It took very little extra effort on my part to hand deliver, little effort to make what amounts to a Thank You card. She went above and beyond when she helped me, and that kind of care and attention should be rewarded and encouraged. The retail environment doesn't really foster that sort of behavior. I worked in retail for years, and often thought the job would be perfect if not for the customers. But since I have been on both sides of the cash register, I know exactly how hard a job it can be, how annoying the customers often are, and the effort it takes to be polite and friendly, even when you really want to work in peace. It's really a shame that the location where she works is out of my way by quite a lot, or I'd patronize that store over the one that's more convenient for me.

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